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Myer Charlestown Bridal Registry

Leslie at Myer
Charlestown Square, Chapman St Charlestown,, 

Australia’s biggest choice of gifts for your special day, enjoy!
This is it, your chance to own everything you’ve ever wanted! With the Myer Bridal Registry you get to choose from Australia’s biggest choice of top brands for your bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen.
Why you’ll love it :
You get to choose from the biggest range of top brands in Australia and it’s simple and stress free. We’ll help you make your list, manage it and organise delivery. We’ll even offer you up to 20% off what’s left on your list as part of our Completion Program. So, less double ups, hassles and things you don’t need, just a special day and some really special gifts to help you remember it.
Why your guests will love it:
They know no matter what gift they choose, you’ll love it. And because you can place such a huge range of gift ideas on your list, choosing one can still be very personal. It’s also simple. We offer guests a number of ways to shop for your gift. They can make their purchase at any one of our stores across Australia, over the phone. It’s easy.